Marketing in China is not easy. It is a complex social media and branding environment, which cannot be underestimated. If you don't  - it can transform into brand image losses, financial losses and motivation loss.

When done right, expansion of your business into China can be a valuable addition to your sales, strategy and brand power.

Why to expand into a Chinese market?

Population of 1.4 billion. Even if your target audience is only 1% of Chinese population - it's still 14 mln people! 

Rising incomes and confidence in future. The middle class is on the rise, spending is confident, consumers are looking for an interest brand. Maybe yours is exactly that?

Why to choose us? 

We are here. Inside the culture, ready to operate and act proactively, not reactively.


We've been doing marketing in this country for over 4 years. We've worked with international brands, local brands of different industries and have a rich experience in adaptation of materials and localization of brand image.